Red, White and B....rown

If you need a refresher on what Michele already has in her room, go to the Starting Line-Up post here. I wanted to try and work with some of the stuff Michele already has in place, but then I wanted to sprinkle in some new stuff.

I too headed to Pinterest and the inter-web for some inspiration for Michele's space.  Here are some of the pics that caught my eye & inspired me.

Using the above photos as inspiration I put the following board together for Michele.

I kept Michele's existing curtains, couch and coffee table (not pictured). The biggest new item added to the room is the rug. It's neutral enough to not combat the curtains & couch, but still interesting enough to really anchor the space. The existing red curtains definitely make a statement, so I wanted to bring in more splashes of red throughout the room to balance them. I didn't want too much more red though, so I only added a couple of pillows and some vases & a picture frame for the open shelving. Speaking of the shelving, I think adding some interest via chic shelf paper, adhered to the back of the shelves, will draw the eye upward and highlight their unique, high ceilings. To finish off the shelves, I added your standard dark wood frames. But another more textural frame would also work and again, provide some color balance. Finally, to finish off the room and bring every detail together, I grabbed some white super textured pillows. These will not only provide visual interest and break-up all that leather, but they will coordinate with the existing trim color in the room and contrast with the dark tones we have everywhere else.

So - what do you guys think??  Do you like the red, white and blue brown? 
I thought about throwing in some gold, but decided to keep it simple.
This was my very first official mood-board, so I would love some chatter on what you think!

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jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

im starting to really like red i think its such a fun bold color that adds a lot of life to a room. the last pillow is a great print! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams