Pops of Orange

Last week Annie posted about our friend Michele's living room. When looking for ideas for Michele's room, I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration. The rooms that I seemed to like the look of the most - all had pops of orange in them.  See below:

I knew that after seeing these rooms, I wanted to give Michele an option to see her room with orange.  So this is what I came up with:

Some of the detail:  First I like the look of clean white curtains to brighten up the room. I like the curtains going all that way to the ceiling to add height to the room.  Since white curtains do little to block light, some bamboo blinds under the curtains to add texture and block the sunlight adds perfectly.  A white shag(ish) rug also adds light to the floor.Putting two gold poufs add color and extra seating to the room - and a little bling :) Orange textured pillows can be combined with white pillows for color onto the couch.  Homemade artwork with pops of orange combined with chunky gold frames can complete the walls.  Michele also has built in bookshelves - which can lead to some great pops of color.  I would have her paint the background of the shelves orange with pops of white, brown, and gold - like the above monogram in gold.

So - what do you guys think??  Do you like the orange and gold? Or is it too trendy?  I would love your feedback and opinion, since this is my first 'mood board'.


abby said...

LOVE IT! she should do it. asap. great inspiration board. i think you previously mentioned she had dark red curtains..maybe maroon. i would say if she does nothing else get rid of those curtains and pull in some white ones like you have pictured. the couch is so heavy that you need other things to be more light and airy.

BluBabesCreate said...

Love the orange. Come over and see!