Living Room Makeover - The Starting LineUp

My friend Michele has reached a road block with her living room design. One that I believe many of us can relate to. You want your space to feel special and you have a thought about what you want, but you can't exactly verbalize that vision or pick out the exact things that fit into that vision. I was totally that way when we first bought our home over three years ago. I fell into the trap of buying things that I liked by themselves, but those things didn't necessarily "go-together" or fit into a scheme. The end result is a pile of stuff, with no home, in your basement.

In an attempt to help Michele make the most of her living room, Meg and I will be putting together a number of reFind Design Boards to help Michele sort out what she likes and what she dislikes.

Here are the items that are currently in place in the Living Room.

Brown Leather Sectional

Dark Grain Wood/White Coffee Table

Area Rug

Crimson Tafetta Curtains

The walls are painted Nomadic Desert

And the trim is white.

Some of the design boards will incorporate the existing items, while other will provide alternatives and rock the boat a bit. :) Stay tuned to see the boards over the next couple of weeks. And be sure to comment on what you like, love or loathe!

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