Stair Storage

With our family expanding in about two months, my mind has shifted to storage. Our 1953 one and a half story home doesn't really have a ton of storage. I have tried to make the best of the space we have, but it's obvious that we need more storage space.

Currently, there is one little closet in our hallway that has become the catch all for everything. Here he is....

The top shelve houses the tables linens (white box), and bathroom/kitchen extras. (TP, paper towels, cloth napkins, cotton balls, q-tips.)

The second shelf from the top keeps all of our "good towels". Meaning nice enougth for our house guests.

The third shelf has the honor of storing our "other towels". Good enough for Jeff and I, but not good enough for our guests. (think: clean-up, Max bath towels, beach towels).

The fourth shelf holds two bins. One is our in home pharmacy (advil, itch relieft, band-aids, etc.). The other is the home salon (hairspray, curling iron, fingernail polish, etc.)

The bottom shelf is dedicated to mostly to Max. But there are some misc boxes as well.

The trouble with the current set-up is that there are several items that could easily be moved into a less-accessible location (read: the basement). Thus making space for more important stuff (read: baby stuff). We don't need to have our entire stock of paper towels on hand all the time and Max's bath towels could stand to be separated from the rest.

I headed to pinterest to find some stylish storage solutions and it didn't disappoint. I have decided (Jeff I hope you are reading this!) that I want to build some storage cabinets under our basement stairs.

Here is what I found on Pinterest!

Under-Stair Storage Bins (PDF), home improvement, remodeling, renovations, steps, stairs, underneath, basement, space,



All photos and links on my Pinterest Board here.

I'll keep you posted as to our progress. 
Do you think we can get it done within the next 10 weeks?

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