First, get your mind out of the gutter, I am talking about owls :)  Now, the reason I am talking about owls, is well, because I am obsessed with them.  Really - it is bad.
Below are some of the owl decorations around my house:

My ceramic garden owl - from Home Goods

Ceramic owl trivet

 Some of my first owls - which are actually Christmas ornaments

And my Canadian owl- bought on a recent trip to Vancouver

They all live on this shelf

 My Littlest owl - painted with Montana Cans

Some new fall kitchen towels - from my wonderful aunt for my birthday

 And a ceramic owl bowl from my wonderful cousin for my birthday.

Now I know that this is boarding on crazy collection - but I just can't help it. And it just makes it worse that owls are the new 'it' decor item. I mean- there are several owl items that I have been eying; like:

And that is not even when I type Owl in to Etsy... 

Am I alone out there in my love for owls? Or at least is there someone else reading that is obsessed with something they put all over their house?

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