I heart you Montana Cans

Spray paint is a girls best friend... you can never use enough spray paint when decorating. Seriously. While going down to the good ole Home Depot to get some spray paint is easy and cheap- it really only works if you are looking for the most basic of basic colors. If you have a lamp or a picture frame that you want a special shade of teal or purple, or <<insert cool color here>> - the Home Depot ain't going to hack it.

Enter my love: Montana spray paints. They are an awesome company, used by graffiti artists all over the world. Check out their sites and some of the cool stuff that people have done. 

I love this spray paint because it is really high quality and it comes in just about every color.  Just take a peak below at the colors they offer...

um hello.... is there a color that you are looking for that you would not be able to find there? I think not. If a company has a color called Brain, you know they have everything. 

In addition to selecting any color you want, you can also choose the size of the nozzle.  (While I realize that this probably only comes in handy for graffiti artists, I just think that it is cool):

Here in Minnesota - the place that I found that carries the biggest selection of Montana spray paint is Blicks Art Supply.  So next time you have a project - you should check it out.

And no - Montana is not paying us to say this - or giving us anything free - although, I really wish they would.  Montana - if you are reading this; Annie and I would like a can of every color please :)

Have you recently used Montana spray paint - let us know - we will feature it on our blog!

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