Dressers as unusual storage

So the past few days we have posted some dressers for sale - and hopefully you like them.  If you are thinking to yourself that you already have a bedroom set and don't need a dresser, you may be wrong.  There are many places that you can use a dresser as unexpected storage:

Take out the drawers and use as living room storage... bonus it gives to extra space to decorate the top!

In an awkward nook used to center art:

Who needs a hutch in their dinning room, when a dresser providers so much more storage!

Add a pop of color and storage to neutral living room:

Dining room again:

 And again...

So many places to use a cool dresser to add some fun and functional storage to a room. Do any of you have dressers in places other than bedrooms?

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PaperDollMN said...

I use an antique dresser in my entry way/living room in place of a console table. It used to be my media stand.

Of course, then I have a buffet that is currently in its "intended use," but used to be my dresser!

Love your blog!