Sometimes you just can't reFind

Now it is rare - but there have been a few times that I have wanted something and have not been able to find an old version to spruce up. Sometimes this is fine, you just go out and buy what you want. But when what you want is too expensive - you have to improvise.

Below are 2 examples:

First, I really, really, really, wanted this pouf from West Elm:

Well, at $300 it wasn't going to happen. And after hours of searching online - I came to the conclusion that no one was selling a sheepskin pouf. So I did the next best thing - I made one:

Now, the material isn't quite as soft as from West Elm, but it is just as comfortable.
Everyone in the family is a fan of the pouf!

Also - since making this, I have found even better material - it is even softer than the real stuff from West Elm. I would love to make one for anyone that is interested!

Next, I wanted a floating bookshelf that looked something like this:

So, my awesome husband decides to surprise me by making one!

So - while you can't always find the perfect item to spruce up, and usually cant afford the real thing - that doesn't mean that you can't have one just like it!


abby said...

hi girls!! i had no idea you had this super cool blog/business. i love it!! you have some really great stuff. excited to check back in and hopefully buy something from you soon! hope all is well. it's been way too long! - abby anderson

The Tweets said...

I want a pouf! What color is the fabric? - Missy