Trimmed and looking good

Nope - not me :)  But our window trim is looking good. And our other trim is on its way.  Early spring we started replacing out windows. 

Finally once the windows were in we prepped the walls for the trim to be put on the windows.  Oh yeah, and I took this opportunity to start over on my gallery wall. 

 Since we were going to be putting in white windows and trim, we could finally tackle a project that I have wanted to do for a while: paint the trim on the main floor white!

To get from our living room to our dining room you go through our french doors - oh wait, there might have been french doors on here at one point they were not on when we moved in.  So it was just a door way, with the hinges still on. 

So with a little muscle and some spackle, it will look like an arch way in no time... and not a door with the doors missing. 

Painting the trim is very time consuming..... but it is going to be so worth it!!!  Below is some of the trim with just the primer on. 

We will be enameling the trim and windows this week... and hope to have the finished product soon :)

Have any of you ever taken on painting trim? Any tips for me to make it go faster? Besides some old school country music on Pandora?


Port Family said...

Hey Meg!
It is Erin and we are currently painting all of our trim white too...it is a long process but totally worth it...we are also going to paint our cabinets - did you place a protective poly coat over top to prevent chipping? Good luck - we are about done prepping the downstairs and then we will begin painting - we went with Sherwin Williams pro-classic latex paint for trim - we really like how it looks upstairs so far...

Megan said...

We used the Rustoleum Cabinet transformation kit, and it did some come with a protective coat. So far it is still looking good - and they clean nice and easily!