Organization Station

We added this small shelf in the kitchen nook earlier this year. 
Problem is, it usually doesn't look like this :)

On any given day, you will find the following items stacked up on this shelf: magazines, mail, coupons, recipes, more mail, bills and even more mail. When the mood strikes I often clean off the shelf by clipping the above mentioned items onto the fridge with magnets (which also annoys the hell out of me, but is better than it being stacked on the shelf).

So, in an attempt to wrangle all our lose ends into one space and actually make the shelf usuable and our fridge pretty, clean and clear, I created a Kitchen Organization Station.

No surprise, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration to see what other people had done.  Here were some of my favs.

The pantry door seemed like the perfect victim for the Organization Station upgrade. 
Here is the pantry door in our kitchen. Clean as a whistle, just asking for some personality.

After a quick trip to Container Store with Megan (love!) we were ready to tackle the project. We started by pre-drilling some holes, just to be sure that the wood didn't split on us.

For the record, Megan is much better with a drill than me. 
Amazing in fact....quick....efficient....comfortable. 
(I am not. I am awkward - as pictured below)

This next one is an embarrassing action shot, with my pregnant belly (nearly 33 weeks) in full view.

(I am trying to look tough)

Here is the pantry door now.

The white guy on top is like a file folder made of metal. You can slip magazines, bills, etc. right into the slot. It is magnetic, so I can also use the outside to post coupons, pictures and other "must-see" items. The red dots on the bottom left of the file folder (I should have taken a close-up) are also magnets. But this is the best part, they have hooks! So smart. I have taken to hanging my keys here. Love it!

The bottom four squares are all textured cork board. They were sold as individual squares and we thought buying two different colors and making a pattern might add a little interest.

I am still considering adding some chalkboard paint to the bottom of the door, but haven't decided whether or not to take that leap. Anyone out there used the chalkboard paint? Love it? Hate it? Please share your thoughts!


Kendall said...

Great idea to put your station on a door! I love it. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice!