Gold Stump

Remember a few days back when I posted an idea for our friend Michele's room?

I was really liking the gold accents.  Then a few days ago I cam across this on Joss & Main:
It was awesome - but for $495 - REALLY?? So I started thinking about how easy this would actually be to make.  Really - take a stump, prime it, paint it black, and finish it with some metallic gold.  

The black coat is a key step, to make the gold look more rich - and also,  if there are spots where the black is showing through, it just looks aged, rather than looking like you missed a paint spot. 

While gold doesn't fit in my house - I got to thinking about my stump table.  I really like the look of the raw wood, but it would be fun to try something new.  Maybe in my new craft room :)

Guess I am on the hunt for another stump.

Ignore the black skull - this picture was during Halloween - it is not like I have these laying around my house at all times :)


Annie P said...

I LOVE this idea. Do it right away! I will help!!!!

Tahnya Marie said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, I might make one ASAP!

Kristen said...

oooo, cool idea! i might have to steal that one..