Wonder Wall

As I gaze at our basement wall, I feel a unexplicable urge to change it. It's currently painted a brown-ish color, along with the other walls. I want to do something different. Some kind of installation. Here are some of my favorite ideas. (p.s. I am sorry in advance for getting this song in your head, but I am currently humming Wonderwall by Oasis).

Reclaimed Wood Wall #1
3-26-reclaimed wood.jpg
Found on Apartment Therapy here

Reclaimed Wood Wall #2
Iroko woodblocks as feature wall  - Reclaimed timber

Found on Victorian Woodworks here

Reclaimed Wood Wall #3

Found on Centennial Woods here

Reclaimed Wood Wall #4
Found on the burgundy circus here
Uber Feminine Paper Flower Wall 
Found on Apartment Therapy. Orginally posted by Ruche here.
To be honest, I don't think I could really do this one in my home. However, I think it's really pretty and lovely...and if I was a bit more "girly" I would do it!
Paper Mache Book Page Wall

Found on Apartment Therapy. Originally posted on Ruche here.

This idea is so smart!
You could pick up lots of books at Goodwill and/or Garage Sales and then just go to town.

Toilet Paper Roll Art

 Found on A Common Thread. Originally posted on Growing Up Creative here.

Modular Wall Treatment

Found on Apartment Therapy re-nest

Square Wallpaper

Found on Land of Nod here

A Rope Wall

Found on IndyStar.com here

I think any one of these ideas is genius and would give our basement that spark that is missing.
Any one of these ideas would also be a lot of work. Which do you guys like best?


Ashley {A Cat in Gloves} said...

I saw that toilet paper thing on pinterest! How cool is that??

Megan said...

I love the built in shelf with the reclaimed wood and the rope wall - since that is so unique!!