Before and After Bench

A few weeks ago my mom picked up this bench for free from some friends of theirs.  It is a heavy and substantial bench - but the dark wood just wasn't what they were looking for.

In addition to painting the bench white- I decided to get rid of the drawers and replace them with a shelf. My mom loves baskets, and they would be perfect with this bench.  So here is the bench finished and ready to head to my parents cabin.

We loaded this large bench into the back of Nate's truck.  Well about 20 minutes out of town, it started to rain! (Nate does not have a topper on his truck).  Good thing that we thought ahead and had covered the bench with a blue plastic tarp.  Bad thing - the blue tarp was new - and decided to bleed all over the new white paint.  No amount of soap and water would take the blue off. 

One touch up coat of paint later, we were able to finally bring the bench into the cabin. Check back next week for the final pictures in the cabin.

What do you think - do you like the no-drawers look? The crisp white paint?


Annie P said...

SO fresh. I love it! The crisp white is way better than the heavy wood.

leoneontheverge said...

Ditto - the white is so fresh and *completely* changes the look and feel of the bench.
No drawers are fine, too - perfect for some fabulous baskets!