They don't build em' like they used to....

My entire family was in town this past weekend to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Her birthday gift from the family was tickets to the the West Side Story at the Orpheum Theatre, in downtown Minneapolis. It was a great show, but I have to admit....I was a little distracted by the architecture.

We were up in the nose-bleed-seats, up top, WAY up top, so we had a great view of the whole theater. I didn't take any pictures (as it wasn't allowed), but I was able to find these photos online.

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The Orpheum is a part of a great downtown Minneapolis Theatre District trifecta - Orpheum, State, Pantages. I have been in all three theatres and they all have very unique, ornate & detailed architecture. The ceiling (in our tippy top section) was painted/plastered (not sure which) this beautiful tealish-blue color. The walls were red, with gold stenciling and the chandelier in the center was amazing. It's 15 feet high and weighs nearly 2,000 lbs!  Look at the pic below.

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The theatre was built in 1921 in the BeauxArts style and underwent renovation in 1988-1993 to accommodate bigger Broadway productions. If you are interested in learning more about the theatre, you can visit this website.

Do you agree? Do they or do they not build things like the used to?


Anonymous said...

Most of my entire family :)
Wish we could have been there-looks like a beautiful theatre!

Lauren @ Our Big Fat Farm Wedding said...

I went to the evening performance of WSS last night! Loved it! We too were in the nose bleeds. Three rows up from the top. The blogger in me wanted to whip out my camera and snap some shots. The rule follower in me won over, though. You are right. The architecture of this building breathtaking. Hoping to get back there for Les Mis this winter.