The project that will never end....

Sometimes I think that our posts give the impression that Meg and I are constantly working on projects, and that we start and finish projects over the course of a weekend or maybe even a day. I want to be honest with you guys....this is NOT always the case.

For example: do you guys remember this post? You know the one about my stenciling project....the one from April 5th. Several of you had kind encouraging words about that post, even mentioning that you couldn't wait to see the finished project.

Well...you might have to wait awhile, because.....Yep....I am STILL working on that project. It's like the project that will never end. To be honest, I have more or less abandoned the project and have taken a total hiatus from working on it, because I'm tired of it and it takes WAY longer to stencil than I thought. And I got annoyed.

Some of you that have seen the wall in-progress in person and have mentioned that you like the "un-finished" look of it....so many in fact that I have considered leaving it as is. But I think Jeff would kill me if I left it like this....So, here is my commitment, in writing to the blogosphere. I will finished this damn project, before the end of June July. Maybe :)

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