The Coffee Table

Our current living room coffee table is fine - there is really nothing wrong with it, so it is most likely staying for a little while longer. It was originally part of a matchy-matchy set that we are slowly replacing.  But there are so many options for coffee tables that I can't even begin to decide what direction to go.

Like this very industrial/organic coffee table:

Or unique, more shapely tables:

And lastly there is the ottoman that can be used as a coffee table:

While my favorite is actually this one:

I have seen the price tag, and it is way out of my price range.

With that one out of the picture, I am totally torn between the ottoman and the more industrial look of the frist few coffee tables....

Since when I do make the switch to a new coffee table, it will be on the cheap (hopefully craigslist), so most likely it will be a modification of one of the first few.

What is your favorite?

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Annie P said...

Could you recreate your favorite using rope? Time consuming, but potentially a good knock-off. My runner-up would be one of the organic/industrial ones. No surprise there :) Are the "kids" less likely to lay on a ottoman or a hard table?