Why is this SO difficult?

Seeing Megan's progress in her kitchen has made me realize that the paint splotches all over our kitchen are ridiculous. We need to buck-up and pick a color already. After some long discussion, we decided that we were trying too hard to be matchy matchy with our countertops, hence all the beige slash semi-beige color swatches. The counters were already installed when we moved in. I can't be 100% positive, but I think this is our counter-top.

African Red

I shouldn't complain. But I'm going to anyway....this countertop is hard. The stone itself is beautiful and we love that we can set our pots and pans directly onto it without worry. Additionally, it is less porous than granite, so we don't have to worry about germs seeping into the counter. BUT....the color is difficult.

Here is the deal....

Our cabinets are light oak colored.
The floors are also a light oak.
Our appliances are white.

For these reasons,  I was leaning towards a lighter color. Something to maybe pull out the lighter tones in the countertop. But then I started to worry that it will look like one giant beige room if the walls matched the cabinets and the floors.

So, then I looked to the rest of our house for inspiration....I see lots of cool blues and grays. But I feel like a color in that family won't jive in the "warmer" toned kitchen.

Basically what it comes down to is this....we needed a new approach. We needed to treat our counters, cabinets and floors like the neutrals they are.....with that in mind, I am taking recommendations. I have reached the point of peril. Help! What should I paint our damn kitchen?

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abby said...

white! sagey green? bottom black and top white.