The Sink

So - when planning the kitchen, I thought that I would for sure have a Farmhouse sink.  Although, upon looking into it further, I realized that they are REALLY expensive, and the biggest thing was that we would not be able to have one with our current cabinets - and new ones were out of scope. 

I still wanted a statement sink. At Home Depot (surprised?) I decided I was going to get a sink and a faucet for under $300.  Why $300? Well - I had that amount in gift certificates.  As soon as I saw this sink - I knew it was the perfect one fore me - and it was pretty cheap!! Then 2 aisles over - a matching faucet. Again for cheap.  So home they came....

Where they sat. Until about 2 weeks later when the countertops were finally being installed.

I love how it is different. I feel like you would not find this in a typical kitchen!

Are you sick of seeing my kitchen yet? Because I am not :)

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Jim said...

Such nice clean lines. We love the kitchen. Who helped you with the subway tiles?