Why are ceiling fans so ugly?

Don't worry, I'm not here to tell you to remove your ceiling fans from every room.  Do you remember the show Trading Spaces on TLC? I swear every single room they made over, a ceiling fan would be removed and the owners would freak during the reveal.

Honestly, I am a fan of the fan. They are practical, money savers (skip turning on the AC, just get the fan going), and refreshing.  I just hate the way they look.  And I feel like the better looking fans always cost a freaking fortune.

Don't laugh (okay....go ahead and laugh). Here are two of the fans currently residing in our home.

I am off to the inter-web to find good looking fans that don't injure your wallet. Here is what I found!

Hampton Bay Mercer via Home Depot

Hampton Bay Verceli via Home Depot

Design House Hurricane via Home Depot

Industrial Modern Ceiling Fan

Concord 52SKY3E
The Concord Via  LightingDirect.Com

Monte Carlo Studio BK
Monte Carlo Studio BP

Both the Monte Carlo via LightingDirect.com

52" Casa Vieja Debute Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja Debute via LampsPlus.com

52" Casa Optima™ Flower Light Kit White Ceiling Fan

Casa Optima Flower via LampsPlus.com

52"  Possini Euro Design La Crosse Ceiling Fan

Possini Euro Design LaCrosse via LampsPlus.com

52"  Casa Destiny Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Casa Destiny via LampsPlus.com

52" Casa Surveyor™ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Casa Surveyor via LampsPlus.com

18" Big Sky Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Unexpected, different and kinda cool!

Big Sky via LampsPlus.com

Gorgeous! Click here for the makeover.

Okay, just kidding. That thing is nasty. But I think the other ones I found were pretty darn good.

Do you guys have any sources for good looking ceiling fans?

Have any lovely ceiling fans in your home that you would like to discuss? :)


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Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful said...

I love the Big Sky one. I think fan companies need some new designers. LOL