Meet ReFind - Annie

Officially, my name is Anna, but most friends agree that they can't imagine me as an Anna. I've always been Annie. I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and went to college in Ames at Iowa State. That is where I met my best friend Megan (the better half of reFind). It's important to note that I do NOT cheer for Iowa State, I cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I moved up to the Twin Cities immediately after college and will be here from now until forever!

My very-immediate family is made up of myself, my husband Jeff and our dog, Max.  My immediate family consists of my parents, my in-laws, two older sisters, three brothers-in-law, and four nephews.  Plus one future sister-in-law.

This is my hubby Jeff (a.k.a. Jeffer, Sir, Jefferson, Mr Pete).

This is Jeff and I on our wedding day (three years ago).

This is Max (a.k.a. Maxi, Goose, Poose, Snacks, Papoose, Buddy, etc.).

He cheers for the Iowa Hawkeyes as well.

And....he was also at our wedding.

I fell into interior design when we bought our house three years ago (no formal training here!). Ever since then I have been almost constantly updating our home. I draw inspiration and borrow lots of ideas from the blogs I read. Check out the Read by reFind page for all my daily reads. 

Luckily I love to read. Blogs, books, magazines, I don't descriminate. I tend to pic up Elle Decor, Real Simple, House Beautiful, An occassional Us Weekly and Dwell. I also read an article or two out of Jeff's Esquire.When I'm not reading blogs I like to be outside, except in the dead of Minnesota winter. We recently converted my hubbies old bike into a road bike for me, so we did a lot of riding this past summer. I used to run a lot, I even did two half marathons last year, but I haven't run in forever (I hate to admit that - I keep telling myself to pick it back up).  I love to travel and the anthropologist in me (that was my major in college) can't say no to a good museum.  I also enjoy beer....and proseco....but not together.  One last thing to note is that I am cheap as hell frugal, so most of my design ideas are 'on-the-cheap.' I loves me a good deal!

The recent addition of reFind into my life was a much needed spark and has brought a whole new pep to my step. I am thouroughly enjoying this adventure and am totally humbled by the fact that there are actual people out there that read our blog and follow our ramblings on design. How lucky are we!?!


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