We here at reFind aren't ashamed to admit that we use every available tool. While we would like to claim everything we create is just organic, pure ability and genius, we can't.  So, when we want to add a special design element to something, but don't trust ourselves to free-hand it....we turn to stencils. You might remember this dresser that we used a honeycomb stencil on.

Or this dresser, where we used a lattice stencil.

Both stencils were a part of this packet that we purchased at Blick Art Supplies. 

Stencil 101 Decor

I had been searching for a good stencil kit online for awhile. I wanted something modern, geometric (big surprise there), and classic. So when I spotted this Ed Roth Design 101 Decor stencil kit at Blick, I knew I had to have it.

It has been SO useful and totally inspiring. I would highly recommend these stencils to anyone that is interested in tackling a DIY project on their own, but wants just a little help. Plus, if you need a little extra help, you can check out this video on the Stencil 1 website. If you have a little extra time, check out some of their other stencils up for sale. I love the Hummingbird and I think the Holiday Pack could come in handy for XMas decorating.

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PaperDollMN said...

I just might have to get that stencil kit. Of course, actually doing something with it would be the big step ...