Double Before and After: TV Console and My Living Room

A few weeks ago - I found this piece on craigslist. Overall - it was in good shape, but the color just did not do it for me:

The coloring on the top of this hutch was orangey, and made it look like fake wood - rather than the gorgeous wood that it was

And the glaze to give it the Antique look, made it look dirty rather than old. 

At the same time - I was way over my small hutch that was in our living room. I loved it - and still like it - but it was not holding its own....

So I went to work....

 And here is the double after: 

But - to make it a little more fun:

Colby was helping to show it off... he likes the orange too!

I also re-stained the top...a rich brown.

And one more time:

plus this

 Equals an awesome living room:


LauraCaffeine said...

that ended up looking so cool!

Michelle said...

AHHH! I LOVE the orange inside! Too cute!

PaperDollMN said...

I love the shaping on the top of that piece. Your room was already cute, but now it's pretty much fabulous.

Taylor Renee said...

That's a super cute idea with the pop of orange inside! I love it!!

My family lives in Minnesota so I was searching the state the new Effortless Style directory and saw your site! Just popping in to say hi!



Shaunna said...

oooh, yeah...this is beautiful and I LOVE that pop of orange! I was lazy and didn't even paint the inside of ours. ;-)

Hope you'll share this to our new flickr group!! Great work.

Gloria Fox said...

Love the orange inside!

Anonymous said...

Love the shot of orange on the inside! It sets the rest it off from ordinary to extraordinary....

Emily A. Clark said...

This looks great! What a fun piece. Glad to have found your blog :)