Unexpected Art

Here are some ideas of ways to infuse your home with artwork without breaking the bank. We have used many of these ideas in our own homes.

Stationery as Art

My elementary school art teacher is a painter. My mother gifted me a set of stationery that she painted and sold at our local Art Fair. Instead of using the cards as they were intended....we framed them. This was an easy way to incorporate one of kind art into our home.

Postcards as Art

When traveling in Santa Fe for our honeymoon we visited the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. She is one of our favorite artists, so it was difficult to pick out one item we wanted. So instead, we picked out one big poster and a handful of small things (postcards, notecards, stationery, etc). We were able to frame the small items as if they were big ones. 

Here is one of our framed notecards.

And here is a notecard at the store for $2!
Calendars as Art
Again, instead of using a calendar for its intended purpose, tear away a page and you have instant art. The best part about this one is that you can often times score calendars super cheap from years past, after they have been moved to clearance. Check out this one!
Ansel Adams 2010 Wall Calendar
Get it here for $12

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