Remember this post - about my huge lamp? And those candle sticks I said that I would talk about later? Well, here is the before picture of my Goodwill finds: 

With the primer on:

And the end result: 

I added a fun pop of color to my 'in the processes of decorating' mantel. So for only about $15 worth of candlesticks and spray paint, I have some fun new decor.

But one thing that I wanted to point out again... lets look at the before picture:

Notice that the candlesticks aren't even the same material? But look at the final:

  You would never tell the difference once they were painted. So if you learn anything from this - let it be that if you love something for the shape, but hate the color - that can always be changed... Plus, it is fun when things aren't matchy-matchy.

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