Sometimes you just can't reFind II

Last week I wrote here about not always being able to reFind items.  Well I am back with 2 more awesome projects that were made from scratch when I wasn't able to find what I wanted.

The first one is a stump table.  I found one that I liked from West Elm, but at $199 it was way more than I wanted to spend.

So thanks to a dying tree that was needing to be cut down anyway, a little sandpaper, and some big muscles (to carry it into the house - this thing is heavy!) I am now the proud owner of my own stump side table:

I love that you can see the different colors, and where there were bugs eating at the wood- so rustic!

The other thing that I wanted was an arc lamp.  There are some really cool ones out there, like from Crate and Barrel and CB2.

But again, $199+ was more than I wanted to spend on a lamp. So thanks to my wonderful husband, who was able to bend the metal and wire the lighting through this is now sitting in my living room:

I love this one - where you can see my arc lamp, my stump table, and my shelf all together!

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Copy Cat Chic said...

What a crafty hubbie you have! Great lamp :)