From Top to Bottom

 I’m going to tell you about how we used window treatments to make our basement feel less dungeon-esque. I learned this trick from the amazing Candice Olsen from Divine Design (that means that I saw it on one of her shows...she didn't personally show me or anything).
Our windown went from this….
Please excuse the ninja in the pic below. Sorry Art! It was the only pre-make-over pic that I had.

To this…..

What do you normally expect to find behind curtains? Windows! So, the floor-to-ceiling drapes trick you into thinking that there is a big window behind them, instead of bare basement wall. Additionally, the floor-to-ceiling window treatments bring texture into the space, break up the walls and most importantly make the room feel taller, which we can definitely use in our short-ceiling basement.  Yeah for quick fixes!

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