Chevron Storage

I loathe our storage area. The floor tiles are awkward, the ceiling tiles are gross and nothing really vibes together.  I wanted to give the space some personality so I decided to paint the cabinets. They weren’t in the best of shape, so I didn’t feel bad covering them up with paint. 

After some meticulous measurements, some exact taping (thanks to Frog Tape) and some major patience….we ended up with this….

The best part about this project is the cost. In total I think I spent less than $10. I used leftover paint from other home projects and bought some new cheap hardware at Home Depot to finish off the look. I love it!

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Rachel said...

Super cool! And Annie, that is so your personality. I could tell that it was you before I even read who posted it. Your design style is shining through! LOVE!