The chase is half the fun

Annie and I enjoy the chase... to find furniture that is.  We usually make a day of it.  You saw that in how it all started... and the 100 mile garage sale. Unfortunately, that only happens one time a year, so we have to find other places to find furniture and other household items to refine...

Below are the top places to look for furniture:

1. Curbside - yes, it can be a little embarrassing to stop your car and pick up some one's trash, but what is better than free stuff! Many cities have city wide garbage pick up - when anything will be picked up by the city and taken to the dump. Otherwise, many people will simply put out large items that they cannot get rid of.  Sometimes it is a bust, and sometimes it is just what you wanted...

2. Garage sales are great.  Many people just want to get rid of their stuff - so prices are low! You will find even better luck when multiple houses/families participate in garage sales. More for the picking without driving all over town.  Also - check local churches, they will typically have a big garage sale once a summer, and their profits usually go to a good cause!

 3. Estate Sales are slightly different than garage sales and usually have a ton of great stuff.  Estate sales usually happens when people move or pass away.  Many times everything in their house is for sale, so it is not just the throw out pieces.  Because of this, estate sales are usually the most expensive, but sometimes it can be well worth it.  The problem with many estate sales - they are popular! There is usually a line out the door down the block to get into the house... so get their early.

5. Thrift Stores- every town has them, they re-stock often, and if you are like Annie and I and live in a place that has 6 months of winter, therefore no garage sales, they are open year-round!  Some of my favorites: Goodwill, Savers and the Salvation Army.  Check your local thrift store, as most have deal days, where you can save 50% on some items. Also - you can be sure that the prices will be low, and there will be new stuff each time you go!

So - hope that these tips are helpful - and enjoy the hunt!

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