When it all Began...

In early 2009 Annie and I (along with our best friend Ali) headed out to a local haven for garage salers. The 100 mile garage sale.  The sale is just what it sounds like; in communities for 100 miles along the Mississippi neighborhoods and towns gather all their 'junk' for 3 days worth of deals!  Well, we were excited to go, but didn't know what to expect, and really had no high hopes. We were also DYI neophytes (really big word meaning beginners - I just like to sound smart), so any project that we were going to tackle was going to have to be pretty easy!

Just like most of you out there - we read blogs - a lot - (while at work) - and saw how awesome simple (read ugly) chairs could look with a little paint and a little fabric.  And - how hard could that be?

My first pick up was this little baby for free - and you can see why.  I mean really - did someone get murdered on this chair?  But with sweat, tears (no really - there were tears, I had to use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon trim), paint and some funky fabric, there is now a cool/fun chair. 

*Then came this little beauty (there are actually 2 of them )- also mine - and also for free. Can you see a pattern here? This one really stretched our talents.  The top had fabric all the way around, and at times there were two of us holding the fabric while one person stapled. 

Ali found this cute little 'grandma' chair and paid $3 for it. We actually had to use some black spray paint, since the wicker couldn't be painted any other way.

Then Annie had to out do me - I did 3 chairs, so what did she have to do? Four :)  She has a beautiful kitchen table that was her grandmothers, but she needed chairs for the table.  So rather than going out to a store and buying 4 matching ones, she hit up the sales and pulled together 4 very unique chairs- all painted the same color and using the same fabric to still give it that cohesive look. Below is one of the chairs. 

In the past year and half since that 100 mile garage sale, we have continued onto many new projects, shopped many garage sales and thrift stores, failed a few projects, annoyed our husbands with the amount of 'treasures' (and I only have them in quotes because I know that our husbands do not think of them as such), and become obsessed with creating the new from the old. 

Do you have any fun first time attempts to share? Let us know!

*While most of the chairs on this post are not for sale, this set of chairs is. I love them, but have simply run out of room for them.  If you are interested in these chairs let me know.  You can take them as is, or ask us to refinish them for you. 

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