Anchors Away Lamp

This lamp has been in the Stephan fam for awhile. The first time around it was brash (ahem....brass). Think gold....but not a good gold. I updated them in my early, post college, first apartment days. Let's just say I didn't have an eye for color like I do now. I went with a nice warm brown. Better than brass, but a bit boring.

I loved the shape but the color needed some work and the lamp shade needed an update as well. The beauty of working with found items is that you have the opportunity to make a drastic change. And more importantly the end product is a custom one of kind item (or should I say one of a find). When looking for inspiration I came across these lamps....

With the above photos serving as our inspiration, we infused the lamp with new life by bringing in a bright nautical blue.

We haven't decided which lamp shade shape will pair perfectly with this lovely lamp. However, I do know that this lamp will be a show-stopper once we find that ideal shade. I am leaning towards a clean white drum shade. What do you think would look best?

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