We painted!

The outside of our house needed painting - BAD!  We were those people on the block that had wood showing through the paint, and paint peeling on all sides of the house.  Below is when we first moved in - more than 4 years ago now!

And here is the new color!

It is a dark gray with white trim.  I like it soooo much better- maybe simply because there is no paint missing from spot on the house!  In my dreams we would also replace the roof with black or charcoal gray shingles, and then I would paint the front door a bright yellow.

Maybe something like this from pinterest:

Oh well - it is still so much better than it was before.

Oh also - while Nate and I are usually all about DIYing - we just had to get it professionally done this time... summer is just too short and we already have our hand full of other projects.

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The Templins said...

Looks great!! Can't wait to see it in person!