Side Table ReFind

My husbands co-worker, Sharon, wanted to breathe new life into an old side table. Unfortunately, I didn't take an official "before" photo with the table still assembled. So, you'll just have to use your imagination :)

Here are all the pieces "pre" a little reFinding.

This project proved a little tricky, as there were some unforeseen obstacles. The fist being the overlay on the table top. You can see in the picture above that the table top has two different surfaces. I ended up sanding off the entire top overlay, to discover (thankfully) some really nice, clean wood underneath. Yeah! There was a ton of sanding going on, my hands are still shaking a little as I type this post, and I have the sweet smell of sawdust in my nose ;)

Once the table top and lower ledge were sanded, I was ready to tackle the legs.  
The legs proved tricky. Check out all those curves, nooks and crannies. 

Despite my best effort of hand sanding, I was left with this.

Close....but not enough. I had to resort to chemicals. 
Meg and I tag-teamed this portion using some good ole stripper. 
It worked perfect!

Once I had everything sanded down it was time to stain and coat with some poly. 

Let's see that before again...just for good measure.

And here is the after!

Ok. A teaser photo with Max first.
You know I couldn't resist having him in a photo.
Doesn't the stain look nice?!


lauren @ our big fat farm wedding said...

Can we please plan a Mpls region treasure hunt event? I love hearing about all these fun things you girls do. So cool!

Tapper Family said...

I would love this table....is it for sale. It looks like the perfect size for next to our couch. The regular end table is too big to fit.