Garage Sale

So you know when you drive by a house that is getting remodeled, they always have those huge dumpsters in front?  Ever wonder what happens with that stuff?  Well, one company recycles most of it, but then, sorts through all the other stuff, and keeps anything that might sell - and have a HUGE one day garage sale.  I can't even begin to explain this sale... for a garage sale at someone's house - it was beyond big. There was so much good stuff there.  

This sofa would be so cool reupholstered:

I tried to get my sister to buy this chunky mirror:

An this really cool bedside table:

You can't tell from the pictures I took, but this place was loaded with people.... I had to wait in line for about 10 minutes to check out - at a garage sale. 

So obviously I didn't make it out of there without purchasing an item or three.  First up is this semi large side table.  I have a super cool plan for this:

I have wanted one of these vintage fans for a while now - and I found one for $10.  I am so excited to clean it up :)

Lastly this easel.  I dont know what I am going to do with it - but for some reason it was just calling my name and I couldn't walk away.

I started working on the side table today - hopefully I will have something to show you soon. 

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Port Family said...

I just saw the coolest idea for a mirror like that - paint it with magnetic paint and chalk paint in the middle and paint the frame a bright color and voila a special art space for your kiddo :) I have been looking for one...dang I missed that one!