Patio Beauties

Maybe it's the slight change in the weather recently, signaling that fall is on it's way (which I am very excited about). Maybe it's the fact that we haven't used our patio nearly as much this year as we would have hoped. Or maybe I'm just in the mood to buy something.....whatever the reason...these are gorgeous.

via PureModern (here)

These are crazier and maybe too bright for my taste, but I think they would be fun in the right space.
via here

These are the same style, but shaped a bit different. 

via EnviroGadget here

I like these. Clean and simple. I could do without the scalloped edge though.

via Indian Garden Company here

Do you guys decorate your patios? 
That is one "room" in our house that I really neglect with respect to decor.

Any fun ideas?


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