I have a confession..

I have a TON of projects sitting around my house waiting for me to have time for them.... and when I say a ton, and laying around the house, I mean it. 

Even thought I have a craft room, I still manage to have projects in nearly every room of the house:

I think I need help :)  I always like to have many projects lined up so that I dont get bored, but I think that I need more time to finish them.  I have been traveling alot for work lately... and while I love getting to relax in a hotel, I dont like not having time to work on any projects.

Oh yea, and we are still painting our trim.... I promise it is almost done, so you can see the house put all back together.

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Unknown said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one! I have tons of stuff lying around the house that I mean to get to, but never seem to. But, Megan, my advice is to get it all done now!!! If a baby ends up being part of the pictures, I promise you will have no time :)