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Our dining area is small, and it's made even smaller due to the fact that it also serves as a hallway to the kitchen, basement, upstairs, bathroom, guest room & nursery (read: the rest of the house). Up until this point, Jeff and I have been using a hand-me-down table from my Grandparents house. It is a beautiful and unique table. It's rectangular (plus comes with a leaf) and makes pretty good use of our small space. It has served us well over the years, but we have always had our eyes open for something else. Ideally, we wanted something round, with a mid-century modern feel. 48 inches is the ideal size. Here are pictures I had pinned of tables I liked.....

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If we could have our pick of any table, we would want something like this table from Room & Board.

Believe it or not, that exact table is what we found at the Room & Board Outlet Center this weekend. However, we decided not to make a purchase. Neither of us could rationalize dropping $1000 for the table. Believe me, we both loved it,  and there was a moment of "should we do it?" but in the end we walked away empty handed. In a last minute turn of events, as we drove home, we decided to swing by a vintage shop we had visited about a year back, to see what they might have in stock. 

Retro Pete's in St. Paul stocks just what the name suggests, unique, retro furniture/art/decor. It is a treasure trove, and Pete is a super nice guy.  When we first walked in, we didn't really see anything that fit what we were looking for. Luckily, we struck up a conversation with Pete (the owner) and he said that he thought he had what we wanted, but it was upstairs in the overflow area. 

A short twenty minutes later, after a hot & sweaty transition to the car, we were headed home with a Conant Ball 44 inch round, mid century dining table :)!! Best part is that we got the table for $225. There is a scratch on the top and a couple of water rings, but you know me...I like a challenge and intend to bring this table back into it's prime!

Here is the new table in our dining room. 

Strikingly similar to the R&B table, don't you think? It's taking a little time to get used to having a new table in the space. What do you guys think!?

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Anonymous said...

Can we have grandma's table? (or, mom and dad's basement?) Katie