The votes are in....it was a close race between the Longhorn and the Moose, but in the end....the Moose won out!

I purchased our Moose trophy from Cardboard Safari last week, and received him this past weekend. It was super simple to put together (seriously, a monkey could do it). Here are a couple of in-progress shots....

This is Megan "helping" from the couch.

Look at that enthusiastic thumbs up. Couldn't have done it without her :)

And here is the finished product up in the nursery 
(ignore all the crap in the crib - it's a work in progress :)).

Jeff and I are discussing what we will name the Moose. Cardboard Safari's official name for the guy is Fred.

...but we think Maury is a better fit.


Mummy Maggie said...

I have a "Fred" too and I love it! So fresh and funky! You'll love it!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

ah how fun is that?! xoxo jillian:: don't miss my fishs eddy dish giveaway!

Kimberly Moore said...

I think Fred was a good choice! Now I feel like I need one too. :)