Something very exciting has been happening at our house....

New windows!!!

The new windows are almost all in. And I am so excited. I know - windows are kind of lame to be excited about - but our old ones are so old, that I can't always open them by my self. And there are holes in all the screens, so bugs could get it. But these new windows open so nicely, and are so pretty.

One thing that I am most excited about, our new windows are vinyl - white vinyl.  Meaning that it will be time to paint all of our trim white as well!!! So, clearly we have enough inside to keep us busy for a few weeks... but I am hoping it will be all done soon. 

And, as if we were not busy enough, you can see outside to the garage, see it full of projects. We have at least 5 projects currently going.  I know that I should just stop and finish one before I get started on another, but I get too excited. I promise that next week you will get to see at least 2 of the projects finished :)

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