More Original Art

I mentioned a little while back that Jeff and I are trying to bring more original art into our homes. We might not have the bank-roll to buy the expensive stuff, but we DO have the tenacity to find great stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

The other weekend we made our way to Northeast Minneapolis for the Art-A-Whirl Studio Tour. I totally regret not bringing my camera, as there was some absolutely amazing artwork.

One of our first stops was Art Crank. My husband is an avid biker and spotted this studio on one of his biking websites. They had tons of really great biking related posters that were both nice to look at and clever. We ended up purchasing a poster from artist Adam Turnman. If you live in the twin cities area, or live elsewhere and originate from the TC, you should definitely check out his artwork. There are so many familiar landmarks in his screenprints. We love the bright colors and the memories that come to mind everytime we look at our print.

sorry about the glare...

One of the other studios that we just happened upon was Old Tom Foolery. The company is a husband and wife team, based in Minneapolis. They have absolutely hilarious greeting cards. I don't know them, but based on their cards....I want to be their friends. You have got to check out there site.  I'm pretty sure we will be getting some Christmas cards from them this year.

Also, given my current pregnant condition, I found these cards especially hilarious. You might find them offensive....I find them really, really, funny!

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