We Painted!

This is the outside color of our house currently (or somewhat current).

We have finally decided to take the plunge and paint the outside of the house. And we are planning to DIY the project.

The color we landed on isn't a big surprise, as it is similar to lots of the other colors we have chosen on the interior. We think Behr Anonymous is a great choice as it fits into the neighborhood seamlessly. The neighbor to our south has their home painted a nice beige-ish color. Similar to Behr Pebble Shore. The neighbor to our north has their home sided in a nice blue-ish color. Similar to Behr Windy Seas. We think that our choice (Behr Anonymus) will fall between those two colors perfectly. To contrast the Behr Anonymous, we have selected a nice crisp white for the trim, Behr Frost (no need to link....it's white).

Now that we have the colors picked out, we have to figure out how much paint we actually need on hand to complete the project.

Jeff did the math by measuring each side of the house, and subtracting the windows and doorways. Here is where we ended up:

South Side: 288
West Side: 248
North Side: 340
East Side: 182
Garage: 475

We decided to rent a paint sprayer to expedite the painting process. The plus of this, is that it moves along the painting, the minus is that it typically uses more paint. When all was said and done, we bought five extra gallons of paint to get our house/garage painted. Worse things could have happened though.

This DIY project is a massive undertaking (I was kinda thinking to myself "what the eff"), so I am planning on splitting up the project posts. Next up.....The Prep.

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