Fowl Hooks That Got Fowled

Garage sales always have the the greatest find. Most of the time they are the greatest, because they make you laugh and think to yourself, 'who would ever use this' or 'what was the person who bought this thinking'? But sometimes garages sales are the greatest because you find something you were looking for cheap, or find a perfect project, etc.  The item that I found are not in that second category, more the first. And I bought them anyway.

These fowl wall mounts called my name.  And while they are weird, and I really dont need them - I was thinking to myself, what a great idea for towel hooks or for my necklaces...

So they come home with me - with a surprise look from the person I was buying them from (because I am sure they didn't think they would be able to give them away).

(See the role of blue tape for size reference - no small fowls)

While I thought that they were super fun, there was one thing that I did not like... their eyes were kind of scary.  Who would put weird eyes on white ceramic birds?

So out the the garage they went to get a coat of paint. Once the white on their eyes was dry, they looked awesome!! I was so excited to get them up, they were my prize garage sale find.  I realized that the screws to fasten them to the wall would show, so to not make them completely obvious the screw heads also got a coat of white paint. 

Then, while the screws were drying, disaster struck!!! One of the fowls, the goose to be exact, though he would see how far he could fly.  The answer is not at all. And Goosie live ended in a pile of white porcelain on the garage floor. :(

I nearly cried. No, I am not embarrassed to admit that I was that attached to the little birdies. And yes, I still have Duckie, but for some reason one just looks silly.  Maybe I will get lucky enough to find another fowl out there to replace the missing Goosie, but until then Duckie still sits in the garage, waiting to see what I will do with him.

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pam said...

as soon as i saw these i thought "these would look great once sprayed all white!"! so sad to hear that one broke though :(