More from Across the Pond - Made.com

My sister sent me a link to a super cute store the other week. I just had to share. The shop is called Made.com. (maybe I am late to the game, but I have never heard of it before). The moto is "beautiful furniture without the high street mark up".

**If you are at work - please be warned that there are random naked ladies "modeling" the furniture (all bits & pieces are covered).

I love some of the stuff they are offering. Wish they would ship to the states!

The Piggy Bag, Union Jack


**All photos above from Made.Com

One of the coolest thing I found on the site is the Vote page. They let their customers vote on what should actually make the cut and be produced. Genius, if you think about it. I went ahead and voted (even though it required you to give them your email). I wanted to feel like I was part of the process :)

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