...In a box

I made a purchase this weekend:

Be honest - now you are thinking of Justin Timberlake:

Okay, actually I really got this:

So - we have a wood burning fireplace that we LOVE! And we use it a lot in the winter, which means we use a lot of wood.  Luckily, Nate's Grandma has supplied us all the wood from trees that needed to be cut down, so we didn't have to purchase any.  

We have been keeping our firewood in our garage - which is great, but it takes up a ton of space:

To clear space in the garage we bought the firewood rack.

A thousand trips later (seriously, I felt like I was competing in a Big Loser Challenge):

Then Nate got to use the chain saw to cut up some of the bigger pieces:

Some of you may be thinking that it is not ideal to have the firewood not in the garage. Yes, while outside is not as good, the rack does have a cover. And - in terms of going to get the firewood in the middle of winter - well first, we have a detached garage, so we have to go outside anyway. Second, one of the first thing that we did when we moved in was to turn this built in shelf below into a firewood box.  This shelf is right next to our fireplace (which is just to the left of the picture on the bottom):

 (Sorry - Dont know why the pictures are blurry)

Note: The deer head is no longer hanging there - it wasn't really my style - sorry Nate :)

Now, I have more room in my garage for projects, or maybe - just maybe- to park a car.

Alright - who is still singing 'Dick in a box'?   Step one, cut a hole in the box .....


Lauren @ Our Big Fat Farm Wedding said...

That song is so inappropriate. And I love it. Tehe.

Annie P said...

I was still singing the song this morning while getting ready...seriously!