I got a new toy

So I finally caved and purchased this:

It's a Husky Spray Gun Kit to attach to our compressor... and I am so freakin excited!  I have been debating this for a while, and just decided it was time to bite the bullet.

I am learning as I go, but I am having fun at it :)

I am starting on this cool side table that I picked up at the 100 mile garage sale a few weeks back.

(Ignore the sawdust on the top) 

It needs one more coat - and then I will show you the final outcome.

Do any of you have spray guns out there?? I have been trying to read up on them, so if you have any tip and tricks out there, I am listening :)

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Captain Micah said...

I, too, just tried the spray gun technique. I think in theory, it works great! But we don't have a giant compressor (or one at all, actually...we borrowed), so I had to get a gun that would only use 3 CFM. How big is your compressor? I'm trying to do a dresser right now with the new gun and have just given up. Because it's so tiny and sprays so little, I could have had three coats on by now! I quit for the weekend and will resume on Monday. How do you like the gun?