Before and After Dresser

My friend Kim is having her second baby soon, and in order to get ready, they had to move Willa, their cute little girl, into her new room.

They had a really cute dresser, but everything else in the room was white, so they asked for a little help with painting it.

I was a little too excited to start working - so I already had the drawer off before I remembered to take a picture.

A little white paint, and she is just like new:

The dresser is delivered and it in Willa's new room.  Now we just have to wait for Willa's sister to be delivered :)


Kim @The Little Things said...

We love, love, love Willa's 'new' dresser! Thank you so much Megan!

Jen and Todd said...

I love that dresser! I want on just like that for my dining room...if you ever find one keep me in mind! :)