Nursery Inspiration

Now that I am 15 weeks along I have been starting to check out glossies and blogs for nursey inspiration. There is a lot out there! We don't know what we are having yet, but we are planning to find out.

My plan, regardless of what we are having, is to keep things fairly gender neutral. The room is already painted an inky blue and the paint we used is low voc, so we aren't planning to paint again. Here are some of my favorites thus far....

If BP is a boy

Image via All Bower Power - click here for more info

baby boy nursery ideas with great baby room colors.PNG

Lurv the dresser/changing table in this pic. Image and details here.

blog & belly 016
Image via BloomingDesign

LOVE the color of the room (it's super similar to the color we already have). 
The crisp white and punches of bright colors is exactly what I want

Images via Spearmint Baby

The grey is really nice, and the natural wood accents are manly. I like!

There is definitely a theme going on here. Blue/Gray walls, white furniture, wood/natural accents.
 I guess it's a good thing that I know what I like.

If BP is a girl

This is a mood board, put together by Collecting Lovely. I had to include it, since the color scheme is spot on! Plus, the lamp that is included is SO similar to the one I got from Habitat in England this past November. I am generally not a big fan of pink, but interestingly, I really like the combination of pink with the moody/inky blue.

Image via Team Southards

Can this person read my mind? This is EXACTLY what I am thinking. 
Plus she completed a lot of projects on the cheap. Perfect!

Images via www.shandrophoto.com
Nursery and Concept from A Modern Proposal.

The bright yellow is so fun. I like how the room is so light filled. The subtle pops of teal are genius. 
If I hadn't already painted, I would be going shopping for yellow today!

Images and Ideas via Live the Fancy Life

I love every single detail in this room. I know this one was meant for a boy, but I sincerely think these colors would totally work in a girls room as well. I am dying over the paper lantern cluster. LOVE!

More to come in May, once we know what we are having! :)


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I love yellow-ish room with the tree! I feel like that could be for a boy or girl. So excited for you Annie!

ps...I linked your site to my favs...i'm definitely going to be using your projects as inspiration when I get to do my own!

A Cat in Gloves

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

how exciting!! i love thinking about babies rooms, you've picked out quite a few cute things. xoxo jcd

abby said...

ah! what a fun surprise to see bo's nursery in there! so sweet of you. i looove all of your inspiration. can't wait to see what you do. btw - why don't we spend as much time, prep and thought on our master bedrooms as we do on babies nursery. my next goal...to jazz up and fab up my OWN bedroom!