How the best day ever....became the worst

Let me just start this post by saying that this post was originally named "My birthday wish came true", but after the events of last Monday night, I was required to change the name.

I had just gotten the best news EVER! I was freaking out. Do you remember this tile that you had the pleasure of viewing a couple months back in an older post? Well we sent these babies off to be tested for asbestos (yikes!) and the results are in.....


Do you know what that means? That means that all other projects were put on hold, while I tore these ceiling tiles down one-by-one.

Here are some befores of our storage area. Eww!

Now,  here is where it turns bad. As I am pulling the tiles down (wearing a mask & gloves), I realize that "items" are dropping down off of the tiles. Yes....items. The song playing in my head was no longer You're the Best Around from Karate Kid but It's Raining Men Poop. Yes....poop. Mouse poop. And that nastiness isn't even the tip of the ice berg. Don't worry, I didn't take pictures and I am not going to go into any further detail, but let's just say I was exposed....to extreme horrors that will forever be embedded in my mind.

So, with the removal of the nasty tile (and other "stuff") we were left with this.

This is framwork from which the tiles were hung. We are planning on removing these bad boys as well, so we have an exposed lumber ceiling.

I like the exposed lumber look for several reasons. One, I don't have to worry about what might be up there anymore, as everything is out in the open. Two, I can more easily remove webs and other unsighlty dust/build-up, ensuring that our spider population stays low. Three, there is no three, but I felt like I needed a third reason.

Once we get around to pulling the framework down and I've cleaned up some more, I will post some after pics.

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