Back at It!

So today is gross (Cloudy and 45). Yesterday was gross-er. It rained all day long, literally. BUT.....Monday....Monday was glorious. It was a short-lived glance at how wonderful Spring will be this year (fingers crossed).

So, with the weather as lovely as it was on Monday, I decided to get back at it! I am refinishing a coffee table for my good friend Michele.

Here are some before pictures:

From the front

From the top

Max was helping :)

From the Side-ish. Sorry it's so dark!

And here is an "in-progress" shot!

Max is still helping :)

I was only able to get the top sanded down before I had to call it a night. I am hoping that this weekend, there might be an opportunity to finish up the sanding and get some staining done. The forecast shows Saturday being gross, but relief is on the way Sunday.

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