Kitchen Upgrade - Part 2

Our kitchen is undergoing some minor changes. I blogged here about updating our nook. And we finished off the project about a month back.

When we initially moved in, we had a small IKEA table in place of the two white chairs. The size was nice, as it served as an additional place to set stuff (read: un-necessary crap), but it didn't really fit the space.  While the hubby was out of town, I relocated the desk to an alternate spot in the basement and left the kitchen nook (as I have been referring to it) open. It was amazing what a little more space did. The kitchen felt twice as big!

Loving all the new found space, we added items back-in sparingly. First, we added the chairs, but it felt a little awkward without a place to set anything. We considered adding a counter-height circular table, or maybe even a small square table, but in the end we thought something subtle was best. Most importantly, we wanted to keep the floor clear, so it felt open and "big-ish".

Off to IKEA!

So, instead of purchasing a table, we ended up buying a shelf. Yes....a shelf.  Here she is....

It's the perfect size for our nook. And it slips in-between the two previously purchased chairs perfectly. It is just big enough to hold some things, but not big enough to end up being a "drop-zone" for all our crap.

I love the glossy white!

Kitchen Upgrade - Part 3 is in the works. It might not be complete until 2012 though, because I've put five possible paint colors on the wall, and don't like any of them. Argh! It's back to the drawing board. 

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