SR Harris

We had heard of this gem a little while back, but we hadn't had an opportunity to check it out until a couple of weekends ago. We were glad we made the trip!

SR Harris is a 30,000 square foot overflowing fabric warehouse. As with any discount business, you have to be prepared to dig a little or maybe wander is a better word. It's a big place. I could easily have been there another hour. They carry everything from fleece and flannel to silks, jerseys and.......upholstery fabric! Lots of it! In addition to fabric, they have lots of odds and ends; buttons, trim, tassels, snaps, etc.

And here is the best part....all regularly priced fabric is 50%. Always. And if that isn't enough, feel free to bring along your coupons (click here).  Happy Fabric Hunting!

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